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Read before reporting. Empty Read before reporting.

Post  SimplyNice on Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:13 pm

Please read before making a report. This will help the gm's better assist you if these rules are followed and avoid problems.

- 1. All reports must have a screenshot to use as evidence.

- 2. All reports must have 2-3 screenshots of evidence. [ Does not apply to reports about spam]

- 3.All screenshots must be unaltered or will be ignored.

- 4.Overpricing reports must consist of the shops name, the overpriced item, and vending chars name.

- 5.Kill stealing (ksing) is allowed on all servers. Do not report it.

- 6.Reports dealing with scams must show a screenshot of each trade and the rejection or succession of it.

- 7.If and when reporting roap or a macro please use fraps or some type of video recording program as proof.

- 8.If and when reporting a bot, please show 2 or more screenshots of you messaging the player,and then the matter will be looked into. Also make sure the screenshots show the 'bot' in movement. You don't want to waste time reporting an AFK player.

- 9.When posting a ban of a player harassing and insulting you please make sure you show that in screenshots that they were directed to you.

- 10.Spam reports must show over 5 lines of consecutive text.

- 11.Reports done in other languages besides english will need to be translated.

- 12.In cases of scamming and hacking please take some time to explain what happened beforehand as well.

- 13.Your own nickname MUST be visible in the screenshots.

- 14.If possible post the characters name in the report as well.

- 15.Do not make multiple threads of the same report if it was already answered by any GM, this will result in an infraction or ban.

- 16.Do not post in a report if you aren't the reporter or the one being reported, this will result in an infraction or ban. (Unless you are directly helping, And if a GM/Mod deems it help or just spam).

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