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Post  SimplyNice on Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:55 pm

We all know that this server is a new server and it will be up by next week.

So yeah, few more days to go and its up. All i want to ask if do you have any ideas or any suggestions for the server? Like items/skills/etc...


We will be hiring three TRIAL GAME MASTER and three TRIAL FORUM MODERATOR.

Why trial? because we want to know who is worth to be call GAME MASTER and FORUM MODERATOR.

Incharge - GM Tianz

Asking when?(I don't know yet)


Donation items won't be as expensive as it is. Asking why? I don't know maybe because i want it to be cheaper. Asking if that would be balance in any sense? Yes it is and it wont if you keep in mind that you're one of those whiners and not doing anything to defeat donors. As for donors they help me keep the server running so in return they need something in return. With my donation system everyone CAN donate.

NOTE: No one is pushing or forcing you to donate.

as for the skills of 3rd jobs.

I can keep 3rd jobs skills BALANCE.

as for the drop rates 5%

as for the level 255/150


AGAIN, If you have something in mind please let me know by posting here. As simple as posting a suggestions or any comments would be nice and please elaborate or explain it further for me to understand. just don't post:
i need you to put NPC that gives you 50000000 stats. I'LL IGNORE IT.



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