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Post  Arcanus on Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:39 am

Here it is... The new guild: Phoenix Legend.
Phoenix Legend Phoenix-1
Here in PL, we believe in helping one another with anything and everything. If you want and/or need help making a new character, just ask! Items for a quest, we got you. Think you got what it takes to be a rising Phoenix?! Find out! Here are some of the requirements:

VERY Active ~ We like to have people on every day. If you skip a day every once in awhile that's fine. But the more people on, the better, trust me ^_^

Knowledge of the game ~ As I said, we'll help anyone that needs it. But it makes everything easier for the both of us if you have common sense of how to do @commands, or know classes, etc.

Loyal ~ It's cool if you leave to join another one, but don't join one on a different character. It shows you just don't care.

One 255 Character ~ It does NOT matter if you are 3rd job or not. But we would like your highest level character that you are MOST active on to be in the guild. You may have up to 3 characters at a time in the guild. If the number of guild members increases, we may have to cut certain characters.

Also, a side note, I (Arcanus) reside in America. My time is very different from the rest of you in the Philippines. So for now, we will not be WoE active. If you would like to, you may participate with any type of leader (Guild Leader/Vice Guild Leader). WoE is NOT permitted without one's involvement/permission. If done so, expulsion may occur.

The first 10 people to join get a custom title with Invitation powers! We are still working on leveling up the guild, so join and kill stuff! We want to level up.

If you have a friend you would like to invite, please ask a GL/vGL (Guild Leader/vice Guild Leader) for permission. BEFORE you ask to invite, please make sure they fall under all the requirements listed above.

~~~~~If you want to join, you can do the following:
~~~~PM me on the forums
~~~PM me in game (ArcanusGL)
~~Post on this thread
~Or leave me a message (in-game)via @mail to ArcanusGL

When you contact me, please say you fall under ALL the requirements. If failed to do so, you will not be invited. If you lie and say you DO meet the requirements when you actually don't, you be expelled immediately.

This all sounds dumb and ridiculous, but if you want this guild to stay in order and active, doing all this will make that possible
~Arcanus jocolor

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