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Post  error on Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:34 pm

what do we lack?
->enough attention on our forums

if we report some bugs or suggestions in-game to the GMs, admin,, etc, we're just told to post here on our forums BUT

there's a lot of ignored post here..
yes, we do get reply from our forum moderator, but replies are not enough.. must be "action" about what is suggested as well as the bugs/errors had been reported..


let me add this thing.. this is for the players of SimplyRO:

-if you guys found some bugs/exploits, please DO REPORT HERE.. don't be so lazy registering for a forum account, it wont take you so much time.. you'll know what will happen to you.. to your account.. IF YOU EXPLOITED TOO MUCH IN GAME..


one more thing.. there are some players quit because they feel they're being ignored by the GMs.. mostly players.. and some quit because they cannot understand much our language..

-im saying this as a "RIGHTs" of a player.. and the forums is quite... dead


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