TCG refiner = FAIL

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TCG refiner = FAIL Empty TCG refiner = FAIL

Post  Keben on Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:21 pm

i'll make this report short..

i equiped my arrogant valkyrie shoes before the WOE started..
i talked to the TCG refiner to make my shoes +10..
i have 50 TCGs with me..
my inventory is open [alt E], i can see my 50 TCG in the etc section..
but when i tapped my keyboard to refine my shoes, my TCG was gone, and my shoes remain unrefined..
i have my +10 armors and +10 garments, this thing never happened.. but when it comes to my shoe, it went bad..
i got disappointed because i'm saving my TCGs for my dream cards..


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