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how to avoid errors?

be sure to:
~have an updated kRO [link: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=download_kROLinks]
~have a clean folder[meaning a folder that contain simplyRO alone]
~have a copy raglite0325[it has data/files which is needed to avoid errors etc] [link: megaupload.com EXFQWW60]


how to be rich?

(1)make a char that fits on hunting like sura[from champion], ranger[from sniper], warlock[from high wizard] and guillotine[from assassin cross]..
then go to the gold room located in prontera (164 172)..
don't forget to loot GOLD of course.. [use this: @alootid gold]
then kill porings.. they drop 2 golds at a time..

(2)hunt down MVP(s).. if you got a card, you can sell them for a good price.. [either TCG or zeny]


where to level up fast?

[NOTE: if you're base level is below 150, you can use the healer's FULL BUFFS]

*for level 1 like novice or high novice, you can go inside pay_dun00 and kill any mob.. then you can now change into a job[1st job/transcendant]..
*for levels 60-150, you can now go inside ice_dun01/02/03 and kill mobs.. [but it still depends on your stats sometimes]
*for levels 150-255, kill those kasa and salamanders inside thor_v01 or thor_v03..


how to level up fast?

(1)try killing MVP(s) while you're not in max level, they can give you bunch of experience and useful items that can be used to kill mobs fast.. [this is what i am doing inside the server]

where to get pots or healing item?

~talk to the NPC named Seed Room located in prontera (164 169)
~loot yggdrasil seeds or berries.. [alootid item id: 608 for seeds and 607 for berries]
~kill porings/variety of plants inside the seed room.. [porings and shining plants drop 2 yggdrasil seeds at a time]


what is the purpose of TCG?

TCG is an item used in buying items from a GM or from the NPC named TCG exchanger[prontera 148 169] and TCG exchanger2[prontera 147 167]..
check this link for the list of items that can be traded for TCG(s) : http://simplyro.forumotion.com/t29-event-prize-list


where to get TCG?

TCG can be obtained by joining the events [either automated or not]..
list where to get TCG:

poring punch event=5 tcg
treasure box summoning=20 tcg per monster killed (2 detale.. total of 40tcg if you killed them both..)
disguise event=2 tcg per correct answer (can be changed by a GM for some reason.. it can be higher..)
mushroom hunting=2 tcg per mushroom (1-6 mushrooms can be summoned by the NPC at a time.. can be a total of 12 tcg if you killed them all..)


what is the purpose of skull exchanger?

skull exchanger has headgears that can be bought by skulls of course.. it is located in prontera ()
the skulls needed is the one that you can get after killing a player inside the pvp room..


what are the automated events inside the server?

**poring punch**~the mechanics is be sure to remove your weapon if you want to join, if you dont you'll be warped outside the map.. meaning you have to punch them.. then porings, drops and poporings will be summoned continuously within 5 minutes.. each type of monster has points: poring is 1 point, drops is 5 and poporing is -10.. kill all drops first.. be careful not to click those poporings they can deduct your points.. how can you win this game?. collect points, the player who has the highest points will be the winner.. [NOTE: a GM is needed in other to use this, or maybe if you want to host it, pay 200m for a round.. xD ]

**treasure box summoner**~an NPC will announce that she successfully casted her spell to summon t. boxes.. actually, t. boxes looks like detale and there will be two detales summoned at a time.. each of them drop 20 tcg and loots from real detale monster..btw, they are summoned in prontera, in random area.. [NOTE: detale like roaming in prontera.. xD]

**find the mushroom**~an NPC will announce that mushroom has spawned in a town, next it will announce the number of mushroom that spawned in a certain town.. they drop 2 tcg each.. just hunt those mushroom down and you're done.. [NOTE: mushrooms do walk! xD ]

**disguise event**~you have to guess the monster which the NPC transformed into.. spelling counts, so be careful on typing.. [NOTE: a GM is needed here, in order to be warped inside the map where the event is running.. also the prize can be changed by a GM, so goodluck..]

**cluckers**~there's a chicken behind the fountain on the middle of prontera..(156 219) once, it was activated, you have to click it, to be the winner, it is a game of chance.. [NOTE: the prize can be changed by a GM.. can be actived by a GM..]


what are catalysts?

catalysts are items used in order to cast a skill properly..
example.. in using crazy weed, you need to buy "thorny seeds" in the mall.. [the mall warper is located in prontera (157 194)]


where to buy catalysts?

catalysts can be bought inside the mall.. just talk to the mall warper in prontera (157 194) then there you go, explore the mall, you might find something useful in your trip.. lol.. xD there are new NPCs located in prontera near the pvp warper.. poison/runes..


how can i change into 3rd class?

after rebirthing into transcendant classes you have to be on level 255/150 then talk to the NPC named 3rd class job master which is located in prontera (149 194)..
example: after making a creator kill mobs until you reach 255 as base level and 150 as job levels, then talk to the npc stated, and tadaaaa! you're now a genetic.. xD


how can i put my skill points after changing into 3rd classes?

when you changed into 3rd classes, you're job level will return into 1..
so you need to make it on 150..
then talk to the NPC named Skill Fixer which is located in prontera (141 182), he'll fix your skills..


what is the purpose of the NPC named BIG HELP?

that NPC is made to help players of course.. he's a multi purpose one..
he can refine items, repair items, he sell ores, identify items in your inventory and remove card(s) on weapon/armor/garment/shoes/accessories/headgears..


what will i do if i have an excess skill point?

in case that you have excess skill points talk to the skill remover located in prontera (145 178).. then you're done..


what is a good weapon for 3rd jobs?

there's an NPC who sell weapons for 3rd job..
it's located in prontera (140 173)..


how can i use the MVP Arena?

*warp inside using the NPC located in prontera (159 188)
*talk to the giant NPC named MVP Master.. he'll ask you about the payment.. is it 50 million zeny or 10 tcg?. [your decision]
*if you have paid, you can choose a monster to be summoned by the NPC..
[NOTE: BIOLAB MVPs are not on the list..and be sure that you can kill the MVP that you have summoned, because if you died, someone can go inside the MVP Room and might kill steal it.. only 1 player can go inside at a time..but you can go with your party also..



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