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variety of guides.. Empty variety of guides..

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easy and simple..

--1st, train your transcendent class up to 255 base level and 150 job levels.

--2nd, talk to the "3rd Class Job Master" located at prontera 149,194. you should be 3rd class at this point.. If you trained your character and got a plenty of skill points, just leave it alone.. because if u tried to put skill points in your skill tree, a message will appear in your chatbox stating that you must consume all your remaining skill points in a specific tab. This will not allow you to put 3rd class skills.

--3rd, if the "2nd" one happened, a "SkillFixer" NPC will solve your problems, just make sure you are level 255 (base level) and it will add all 3rd class skills..

***LEVELING? ***

--1. after making your 1st character or a new one, i suggest dont go the the battlefield yet.. got to the main town (@go 0), prontera.. you'll see a healer NPC there, providing you MOST useful Buffs.. just click it anytime you want. also check the @commands for the list of available commands.

--2. after receiving those buffs, you can go straight ahead to pay_dun01 or higher levels, using the @warp command.. and go kill the monsters you see.. At level 70-150, i suggest to train in @warp ice_dun02.. or @warp abbey02.. At level 151-255, go thor_v01 just avoid all salamanders there and mobby spot there.. Use skills which cannot be reflected back to you, but if you have no other skills to use, just put a plenty of vit, dont worry if your attack get reflected back, you'll kill the monster soon. (just focus on one target).. I suggest to use @autoloot command there, so you can sell the loots u got to buy useful items on Mall (located at prontera, center)

--3. after reaching max level, enjoy farming for mvp cards and stuffs that might could help you. And try to test you pvp skills in PvP room.. Also try to upgrade your armor or weapons even up to the safelimit refinement..


-Job Master
-Sex Changer
-SimplyRO (player counter)
-Rest Girl
-Skill Fixer
-Gold Room
-Seed Room
-Ultimate PvP Warper
-Skull Exchanger
-Skill Remover
-Bank Clerk
-Platinum Skills NPC
-Warper Agent

Hope U Guys Like it xD


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