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New to SimplyRO! <3 Empty New to SimplyRO! <3

Post  Darker Than Black on Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:45 pm

I'm new to Simply RO, Started today to be exact, erm im 15 years old and i started using photoshop in november soo there pretty bad but there the best i can doo soo please rate? note that i also design websites and animations but im not that good soo ^_^

anyways here is my work and btw i am happy to do things such as make websites for you guys because i can code which i also started in november and im pretty good erm..i can make skins for forums such as this one and i can modify forumslike these soo please request Admins/Owners ^_^

New to SimplyRO! <3 Upload01

New to SimplyRO! <3 Upload03

New to SimplyRO! <3 Upload04

New to SimplyRO! <3 Upload02

New to SimplyRO! <3 Upload09

New to SimplyRO! <3 Upload05

New to SimplyRO! <3 Upload06

New to SimplyRO! <3 Upload07

New to SimplyRO! <3 Upload08

Darker Than Black

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New to SimplyRO! <3 Empty Re: New to SimplyRO! <3

Post  nellyboi on Sat Feb 12, 2011 8:43 pm

Welcome to SimplyRO & I hope you enjoy your stay here, and be here for the long run.

This is a fairly new server, and expect a lot of changes in the near future. But so far, the way I see it, the admins here are trying to make changes for the betterment of this server as a whole. If you're up with that, then I have no doubt that you're gonna enjoy this server.

Kudos to your art. Splendid!

And don't hesitate to say "Hi" if you see me in-game.


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