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DB Reduction w/ Sets Empty DB Reduction w/ Sets

Post  nellyboi on Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:09 am

Perhaps due to boredom & frustration for loosing my wallet... containing most of my important IDs & licenses, I've decided to create a chart on how effective the SimplyRO sets are in reducing the damage of Dragon's Breath, which, I know most of you will agree with me on this *takes a gun out*, is one of the most damaging skill of the 3rd Job class.

(Well, either I create a chart or go with my other option... which involves hard objects, gooey stuff, latex & a really furious neighbor in the morning.)

Now, keep in mind that my aim here is only to show a general idea on how effective the sets are when matched up face to face with Dragon's Breath. The outcome may differ depending on your built & equips. That's something I have no intention of tackling here.

Moving forward, *yawns*--- The basis of the reduction percentage in this thread would be 95,665 ---} The damage that nellyboi received from the mean, old RK, without any headgears equipped.

What I basically did on this chart was calculate each item of the set. Let's take the INT set for instance. What I did there was I measured how much the helm is resistant to DB. Then, I took it out, equipped the ears, measured the resistance, took it out, equipped the wing, measure... and finally, equip the whole set and calculate how much resistance it offered. Get the drift?

As you can see, the Fire Elemental Set displays how effective it is against DB with a whopping 84% reduction when equipped w/ the complete set. Even the helm alone gives about 66%. Nothing even comes close to this set, when it comes to fire resistance. BUT... *palms face* another alternative that you have is the AGI set, which gives the 2nd lousiest fire resistance among the sets. You're gonna be feeling 86% of fire-power... that is if it hits you :DD Yo

DB Reduction w/ Sets Chart-1

Here are a few SS to back-up the chart.
DB Reduction w/ Sets IntSet-1

DB Reduction w/ Sets EmpSet-1

I didn't bother posting the SS for the other sets, since, these are the only ones that are the main resistant to DB.
DB Reduction w/ Sets FireSet-1

From another post, I believe it was Tian,who mentioned that there will be more updates on the stats of the set, so expect more changes to follow. But for now, let this be a guideline for those of you who wants the Fire Elemental Set, but are having second thoughts about the actual resistance it offers.

And as for me... *drum rolls*
I'll try to get more info regarding the sets at another time... but for now, my humble bed awaits...


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