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Post  Keben on Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:28 pm

what is the drop rate of MVP cards?

can i summon a mini boss inside the mvp room?
~no, there's no npc that can summon mini bosses.

what do i need to summon an MVP?
~you need 50m zeny or 10tcg in order to summon 1 MVP.

what is the use of TCG cards?
~can be used to buy MVP cards, 3rd job weapons, headgears, and used as a requirement for godly items

where can i get those TCG cards?
~join the automated events, and the events hosted by our GMs

what is the difference of the baby job changer and job master npc on changing into baby?
~if you use the job master on changing into a baby class, your max stats will have the limit of 80 for every stat, but when you use the

baby job changer, you will have the limit of 200 max stats, so be sure to use the baby job changer instead of the job master

why is it that i can't get any rewards on the disguise event even i'm the first one to type the right name of the monster?
~you have l00 at the beginning of your chats, example:
you typed "hi", it will appear as "l00hi" to the other player's screen. but it's not visible to your screen. so if you'll join the event,

provide a space before you type the name of the monster that appear on the disguise event.

why is it that the cloth colors of the other player appears to be colorful on my screen?
~be sure to install our new installer. the link is embeded on our forums and also on our fanpage. be sure to turn off your anti-virus

before downloading and installing to avoid errors during the installation.
~if you're still having errors or you cannot connect to the server, you can contact our Admin, SimplyNice (Jaylord Ferrer). you can

send him a private message here in the forums or a private message in facebook.

i cant change into 3rd job?
~you have to be 255(base level)/150(job level) before you can use our 3rd job changer npc.

i cant use my skill points after changing into 3rd job class?
~after changing into 3rd job classes, your level will turn out to be 255(base level)/1(job level). so, meaning, you have to level your job

level into 150. then talk to the npc named skill fixer, he will fulfill your skills.

how to level fast?
~hunt some gold in the gold room, then sell them in the mall, and then buy Field Manual 300% Box(20) that costs 20m zeny.. (wolf

npc, lower left corner) use it.. tadaa!! easy leveling!!

where can i refine my stuffs?
~you can use our very own BIG HELP npc located in prontera.

where can i uncard my stuffs?
~you can use our very own BIG HELP npc located in prontera.

where can i buy refining items?
~you can use our very own BIG HELP npc located in prontera.

other players appear to be a colorful one?
~please do install our very new installer.. be sure to turn off your anti-virus or else it will fail and eat the files that the installer have.

i have so much skill points, what will i do? i cant change class!
~use the skill removeeer located in prontera.

where's the mall?
~talk to the girl located in prontera (157 194)

what can i find in the mall?
~normal weapons, catalyst for 3rd job skills(poisons, runes, lozange, bottles, stat foods, refining items, weapon creating items,

summoning catalyst, elemental converters, field manuals 300%(20), yggdrasil berries, orbs, gemstones, embryo, normal equipments,

special traps, brush and paints, anacilla, mixing items, special release books, mado equipments and genetic mixing guides, wedding

items, pet stuffs, ammunations, and headgears).

where's the rental npc?
~the guy is located in prontera (124 201)

where's the banker?
~the banker is located in prontera (131 190)

what is the total zeny limit on the banker? and on a character?
~2b for the banker, and 2b per character

where's the platinum skill adder?
~the girl is located in prontera (128 200)

i dont gain platinum skill after talking to the plat skill npc. why?
~be sure to talk to the platinum skill added before you change into 3rd job, because if you don't and you need the skill, you need to

make the platinum skill quest by yourself.

where's the killall npc?
~the guy is located in prontera (153 187)

what's inside the killall?
~it's like a pvp room, you have to kill the players in order to win, you can choose whether you will join as a party or individually.

what's the reward of winning in the killall event?
~you can choose from 3tcg, 3valor badges and 3 brave badges.

i can't find nidhogg inside the dungeon that he supposedly should. why?
~nidhogg will only be spawned by our GMs who wants to hold an mvp event, so if you want to see him, stay online and wait for our event GMs.

what is the total cooldown of the ET tower?
~total of 158hours before you can use it again

where to level up fast?
~novice = pay_dun00
~1st job = pay_dun04
~2nd job = ice_dun01
~rebirth = pay_dun00
~transcendent classes = from pay_dun00 to ice_dun01 to abbey02 to abbey03 and to thor_v03

how to donate?

where to get zeny fast?
~gld_dun01, where you can go and kill poring who drops 2 golds at a time.

what is the schedule of WOE?
~monday = no woe
~tuesday to friday = 7pm-8pm (ph time)
~saturday and sunday = 5pm-6pm (ph time)

i want to test my damage on the emperium, where should i go?
~the guy is locarted in prontera (147 169)

what is the total hp of the emperium here in the server?

who can join the WOE?
~anyone who wants to join or who have guilds.

what's the reward in winning the WOE?
~the Admins will be the one to decide what reward they should give on the winning guild. and it depends if your guild leader would like to give you stuffs.


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