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Post  mcmxciv on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:15 pm

Long time ago, in the world of Rune-Midgard, there lived a God named Odin(you can change this). As the God of War, he ruled among warriors and was praised as a God among the Gods. One day, he thought on how to repay his people for their loyalty. He thought of sharing his power to the great warriors of his kingdom. By partaking in his quest to greatness, the warriors recognized by this Great God shall be endowed with titles, serving as a way of ranking power, from Beginner to the highest honor, called the Simplest(you can change this) God.

Treat this not as an easy quest, for everyone who will take the quest would realize that the path to greatness is not without thorns. From the rank of a Beginner, you will be tested if you deserve the power of a God. As the rank goes up, the challenges get harder. The quests get longer. However, for every success your rank goes up and you'll equally get stronger.

Title/Rank Bonus
Beginner All Stats + 5
Mentor Int + 10
Master Vit + 10
Brawler Str + 10, Agi + 10
Marauder Dex + 10, Luk + 10
Berserker Level 1 Crazy Uproar, for Merchant Classes - Level 1 Wind Walk
Warrior Level 1 Improve Concentration, for Archer Classes - Level 1 Safety Wall
Avenger Level 1 Endure, for Swordsman Classes - Level 1 Decrease Agility
Vindicator Level 1 Holy Light, for Acolyte Classes - Level 1 Energy Coat
Vanquisher Level 1 Sight, for Mage Classes - Level 1 Enlarge Weight Limit
Destroyer Level 1 Amplify Magic Power, for Wizard Classes - Level 1 Double Casting
Conqueror its up to you
Champion its up to you
Overlord @hstyle command
Sage @ccolor & @hcolor command
Legend Increase HP by 10% and SP by 5%.(Novice,Super Novice,Mage,Archer,Acolyte,Gunslinger Classes) Increase HP by 5% and SP by 10% (Swordsman,Merchant,Thief,Taekwon,Ninja)

Warlord 24% overcharge when selling items on npcs.

Simplest Hero/Heroine @delstorage
24% discount on all items sold at npcs.

Simplest Lord @font
Enables use of the Skill Preserve and Plagiarism Level 1. For Stalker Classes, enables use of the skill Sacrifice 3 and Auto Guard Level 5.

Simplest God/Goddess @mobsearch


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